Along the Driveway

Along the driveway little brother
rapturously explores its wonderful
world step by step with Aunty Jo
as they walk along to the road
to fetch the giant recycling bin.

He stops to pick a camellia
flower, stares at it, twirls it
in his fingers, gives it to Aunty Jo.
Pointed ivy leaves, crawling along
the ground, tall torn canna lily
leaves flapping in the wind, tall
fluffy grassy seed heads, violets
tall above their thickly clustered
leaves which he points at in
delighted crowing appreciation.
All draw his joyful attention.
Strangely shaped tiny stones of
the scattered gravel on the concrete
fascinate him, he gives them to her.

After checking the letter box
he goes on to the roadside with
Aunty Jo to bring in that huge
bin standing so tall on its wheels.

Along the Driveway

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