A New Van

Dad’s tradesman’s van was getting
on in years not helped by strong
winds on open roads between
nearby local towns needing hi
specialised services. Heavy tools
and equipment in back held
down the van’s rear end when
buffeted by gales but the front
end bounced around shaking
the engine on its mountings.

He grew uneasy as the hundred
year gales increased in frequency
so went online to find another.
Having chosen a suitable model
he placed bids on internet auctions
till he acquired one for a suitable
price. Once checked and paid for
it was duly delivered home to
the joy of excited children.

Dad is still planning where to
place machinery, shelves, and tools,
but the children have enjoyed
slow rides in its spacious back
area down the long drive to the
road and back o the house.

They will miss the new van once
it is fitted out for its new work.

A New Van

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