Wartime Divorce

After the big Depression Dad
finally got a job saved money
married the girl of his dreams.
She played the piano at recitals
accompanied singers including Dad.

She expected to continued to play
in public he expected her to stay
home produce children that was
how he thought couples lived, for
discussions of expectations
did not always occur back them.

Two years after the wedding at
the outbreak of war he went
to sea. she went home to Mum
stayed there but spent her share
of his naval serviceman’s pay.

Wartime Pacific tours of duty
extended drawn out divorce
proceedings as she spent his pay.
As his ship with the fleet monitored
Japan’s coast after surrender his
divorce came through. He remarried

…. and started married life anew
with no savings from previous years.

Wartime Divorce

2 thoughts on “Wartime Divorce

  1. You manage to pack life-altering events and a range of emotions into a poetic form that makes them more compelling than prose would. It’s quite a skill you have. Am I correct in assuming it was the wife who started the divorce proceedings?

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    1. Thank you. Dad’s first wife certainly left him. We were told very little about the divorce, but it was drawn out through the WW II years in the early 1940’s. A cousin researching his recent history thought she sounded “high maintenance”, but I think Dad probably did expect her to stay home to raise children. The cousin also found she did a lot of public performances, so it may have been difficult for her to give this up. Another thing we realised was that she would have continued to get the spouse’s share of his naval pay until the divorce came through. Mum told us that “she spent all his money”.

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