In the mid 1950’s Grandpa’s
childless brother died. Dad’s
share of his estate brought
huge relief  after supporting his
ex- wife until her recent death.
She had already spent her major
share of his naval pay after
leaving him early in World War II.

Dad and his carpenter mate
renovated our house as Dad
wished. The old back porch
with its bare board unlined
toilet (Brr !)  was torn down
replaced with a bathroom with
shower box and smooth clean
painted hard board alongside
a lined draught free toilet..

When Dad got the plumber’s
bill he said it would have to be
Mum’s Christmas present so
she pinned as enormous red
cellophane bow to its door.

The kitchen moved to the corner
of the house with new cupboards
stove and lino. In other rooms
elderly lino was taken up, new
lino, carpet put down, wallpaper
replaced, ceilings painted.

Best of all a telephone was
installed beside the front door.


6 thoughts on “Renovations

  1. Reminds me of when my Mum was made redundant from a part-time job. The pay off bought us a Freezer, a new coloured bathroom suite (bright blue!) , double glazing at the front of the house and Central Heating. Everyone in our road came to see, because they didn’t have any of these things yet…..

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