Hikoi – Land March

In 1975 New Zealand indigenous
Maori were blocked by government
legal trickery over Maori land
ownership, by a solid high
stonewall reaching out devouring
their land ownership taking their
land to itself. Court legal processes
were spinning tyres in a quagmire.

Maori from around the country
gathered in the far north under
Dame Whina’s  leadership, marched
south down the highway flags
flying. On over the Auckland
harbour bridge through  Auckland
south through farmland, smaller
cities, forest covered national parks
to the capital city in the south.

Young people middle aged elderly
altogether – car rides where
needed for elderly between cities.
And white people bringing out
cups of tea and food to sustain
them on their way for many
white people did not like wealthy
business folk buying government
support with their riches.

In time legal trickeries were
repealed, Maori land retained.

Hikoi – Land March

2 thoughts on “Hikoi – Land March

    1. Thank you. I do not know people closely involved closely with their ongoing campaigns, but many of us with white ancestry are nonetheless sympathetic to their situation and their battles with the powerful rich white men.


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