Elephant Days

Thai the young elephant came to
live with old Ma Shwe who taught
her what a girl needs to know
at the big city zoo. She followed
Ma Shwe on daily walks past
other enclosures though not
the lions, that was scary. They
climbed through the bush up the
hill at the back of the zoo, dragged
down boughs and branches when
trees were pruned. Playtime in
their pool was great fun too.

A twist of events saw temporary
fencing at the end of their space
early one morning. Young Thai
walked over it on out the back
down a long driveway on to a
road jammed with rush hour
traffic – was quite nonplussed.
Luckily drivers rang the zoo
keepers came to guide her home
to much trunk touching and
squeaking with Ma Shwe.

When Ma Shwe passed away the
keepers spent nights with a
grief stricken Thai, sleeping in
her service area taking to
her at bedtime and sunrise.

To the relief of all and the joy
of Thai a new friendly young
elephant finally arrived to live
with her bringing elephant
happiness into her life.

Elephant Days

3 thoughts on “Elephant Days

  1. Like many other species, elephants require a herd. It takes empathy to see animals are not human but have their own unique ways of living and to see them boxed in zoos and circus environments. For myself, is heartbreaking. Cheers Jamie

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