Water Pump

In the mega hardware store
the young man in work boots
and overalls looked at displays
of garden pond water pumps.
As he closely examined them
a salesman asked what he needed
– a very tough pump he replied.
How tough ? … Umm tiger proof.
More curious salesmen drifted
over and were told ………………

… right at this minute zookeepers
were collecting up every last piece
of her pump off the grass patch
of Laila the tiger. She had spent
the night dissecting her pond’s
pump and was now locked in her
den with tiger treats until a new
tiger proof pump was installed.
The zoo’s proactive life
enrichment  programme deemed
water pumps unsuitable for this.

When the salesmen recovered
from laughing they sent the
young man back to the zoo
with their toughest water pump.

Water Pump

6 thoughts on “Water Pump

    1. thaTk you. I saw it on a reality show about one of our zoos here and I thought it was hilarious. The young man sent to buy the replacement pump had clearly felt very embarrassed at the hardware shop, and the keepers laughed at him again when he got back to the zoo.


    1. This story was reported on a reality show about that zoo, and there were a few more series after this programme. No more was mentioned about this particular who sadly died a few years later from cancer.


      1. Fortunately not. She died from cancer which was not readily detected until the postmortem after her death. She was a great character who was greatly mourned by zoo staff and regular visitors.


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