Days Of The Week

Monday house linen wash day
Tuesday Wednesday house cleaning
ironing unless dressmaking needed.
Thursday big wash again.
Friday walk to shops and back
several times to stock up for
weekends when shops closed
5.30 Friday to 9 am Monday
for housewives carless in our
fifties post war shortages .
Then smaller clothes washings
by hand or in the copper daily.

Smaller daily shopping walks
to the little shops clustered round
our big local intersection: baker
butcher greengrocer stationer
chemist draper hairdresser shoe
shop for both purchases and repairs
post office hardware and gift shops.

Home to bring in washing, fold
dry clothes, put away, air still
damp washing over wooden
dowelled airing frames.

Prepare dinner start it cooking
on the stove and in the oven.

Sit down for pre dinner
sherry and cigarette. Aaaah !

Days Of The Week

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