Going To Sleep

After gymnastics the girls did
homework with Auntie Jo
ate dinner dished up by Grandma
and strawberries she brought down
from the bay. Auntie Jo ran a bath.

Bathing was fun as always then
Auntie took little brother to his
room read his bedtime story.
After goodnights all round she
put out the light, waited in Mum’s
chair for him to go to sleep.

“Mummy !  Mummy !” through
the dark. “Mummy’s coming
home from the city. ”
“Daddy !  Daddy !”  “Daddy’s
bringing Mummy home.” He
asked several more times, at
last little brother fell asleep.

His parents had messaged from
the city, were on their way home.

A news clip had shown a two year
old in a bomb blasted airport
crying for her dead mother.
A friend’s old grandfather at
two years old asked the neighbours
for his mother – recently died.

Little brother’s parents came
safely home that night.

He was blessed.

Going To Sleep

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