Stripped Bare

The elderly house clad in its
homeowner’s rough paint job
stood behind the huge old tree
in the centre of its luxuriant
front lawn hidden by
overgrown front gardens
tranquilly dozing through
its later ancient years
beside the old cracked driveway
sprouting weeds through
its many craggy ruptures.

In its lengthy back garden
flourishing trees and bushes
towered above surrounding
dwarfed suburban houses.

At last its elderly owner passed
away. New owners arrived.

Now the huge old tree has been
removed from the front lawn
a garage sits there instead.
The dilapidated front wall is
demolished, the front gardens
levelled to the ground ……

……and completely deforested.
The jungle behind the house is
dug up by roaring machines
carted away in truckloads
over a week, the ancient
driveway dug up carted away.

Stark stands the old house
on its stripped barren land.

Stripped Bare

A Prolific Vine

Broad matt leaves on sprawling
stems tumbled over bent battered
sheets of the old corrugated
iron fence, sheets attached
to slowly rotting posts
on the neighbour’s side.

I trimmed these stems from
time to time hoping to see
tiny green bunches likely to
grow into grapes hiding under
large flat leaves like those
spreading along vineyard wires.

No grapes ever appeared.
My hopes were dashed when
the vine at last sent fruit
over the fence, no cluster
of tiny green fruit but a
large ugly green egg
shaped object with a green
thorny skin – a choko !!

No flavoursome flesh but
white tasteless matter
needing chutney cooking
and seasonings for eating/

It went back over the fence.

A Prolific Vine

Testicular Cancer Awareness

The video in the middle of this post about testicular cancer has a very important message.

The Journey of My Left Foot (whilst remembering my son)

Sunday 1st April


The first of April

Time for awareness

Lumps, bumps and swellings

Do not feel helpless


Testicular cancer

Need to check your balls

Don’t be embarrassed

Heed the doctor’s calls


Teens to the thirties

Are mostly affected

Do yourself a favour

Shouldn’t be neglected


Don’t leave it too late

For it can be cured

If it’s caught early

You can rest assured


A taboo subject

Whispered quietly

Can’t happen to me

Can fill with anxiety


Grab life by the goolies

But if there’s a pain

Have your tackle checked out

Your health to maintain

. . . . . . . .

We love you so much sweetie

Missing you like crazy

My dearest, darling son

Precious Angel baby



I made this video three years ago……



A little Easter egg for you my darling xxx

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Testicular Cancer Awareness