Birth Certificate

Uncle was born to a spinster mother
during WWI in a town far from her
home. A friend there supported her
during her stay then she moved to
the big city to work. Ten years
later she took him back to her
family home briefly, that was all
he ever knew of them. All her life
she was vague about his father.

In his fifties after she died Uncle’s
employers wanted him to visit Fiji
so he sought a passport. The main
government office had no birth
recorded for his names and dates,
none in his mother’s home town.

After long processes with school
records and WWII Army service the
government office confirmed a date
of birth, issued a certificate, his father
stated “unknown”. He obtained his
passport, now travelled for work.

Years after Uncle’s death grand
daughter took a DNA test, sent it
away, contacted resulting links in
New Zealand and Australia.
With their help Uncle’s father was
found, a married man living with
wife and children near his mother’s
family home in her home town.

A photo in newspaper archives
showed a man looking like Uncle
killed long ago in WWI.

Hi family are glad at the answers
sad that he never knew his father.

Birth Certificate

17 thoughts on “Birth Certificate

    1. Thank you very much. I am sorry you are having difficulty accessing my work on your phone. There seem to be strange things happening for a number of people on WordPress just now.


    1. What is sad is that he desperately wanted to know his father, and the situation was such that neither his father nor anyone else wanted the fact known in the little country region. Unfortunately the modern technology that helped to track down his father evolved well after he passed away. His descendants feel for him still in his desperation to know who he was.

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  1. I’m sure it was the mother’s sense of shame, whether deserved or not, that kept her from telling her son who his father was. While I’m happy the descendants found the truth, I’m sorry for both the mother and son and the never-shared secret they lived with.

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    1. I am not sure if this mother had any sense of shame, as she was very much a performer and loved attention. But there is no doubt that both her own family and the father’s family would have given her considerable trouble as both were influential and successful business people in the district. She just could not afford to let them find out.

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  2. Ah, a document by which we are . throughout our life. I remember looking at it that first time and wishing I could write such fiction. But it was really an eye opener when my cousin insisted I bring it with me on my next visit so we could go to Canada. We took her mother to dinner and with her there were always nasty comments and more. My cousin insisted she look at my birth certificate and shed some light on what had been “documented”.

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  3. Sorry for the typo but it is a document that can bring judgement and haunt one throughout their life. Those lies cannot be changed. Finally, there was some explanation.

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  4. Hi Iv’e never thought of myself as a spinster mother….thought provoking. I did have a child but she knows his name …has pictures and there the story ends..because of him. Life goes forward. Anna will soon marry and have her first child.

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