Holiday Road Trip

On Easter Friday the family
set out to stay with cousin
living several hours south.
After the boys complained at
it taking longer than usual
Dad stopped in at a service
station for coca colas to
lighten the mood in the car.

As they waited to turn back on
to the main road a huge truck
roared past. The boys complained.
Dad turned out on to the road
behind it … Slow !  … Boredom !

They followed the truck in slow
holiday traffic till stopped by
road works !  The truck passed
through the family were stopped
while traffic went past in
the opposite direction.

At last the “GO” sign allowed
them to carry on down the highway
till they saw their truck on a
crazy angle smashed into a car
smashed into a truck coming
from the opposite direction.

They pulled over and stared.
Following traffic slowed down
gradually all turned, drove back
the way they had come, heading
for the long route round to the south.

Holiday Road Trip

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