On regular doctor visits for
later years medical conditions
I ask if various medical factors
affect my conditions, ask how
I can mitigate their effects.
Already in his fifties the doctor
is patient, polite, tolerant of my
questions but no discussions
further develop. In a sole doctor
practice I can ask no further.

As one condition evolves into
a serious phase I embark on
the process of changing
doctors in today’s world.
I fill in enrolment pages
state official numbers
consent to patient records
transfer. The previous doctor’s
administrator rings, lambasts
me for moving on. With relief
I complete my patient entry
interview with a senior nurse.

Now I see a doctor who talks
to me as human being.


5 thoughts on “Doctors

  1. I responded to your comment on my site and then I decided to check out your site. Isn’t it funny, my title today was “Doctor’s Office” and your title was “Doctor”?

    Good for you, switching doctors. I’ve been thinking of changing doctors. I don’t know if it’s because I get ready for someone different or because I get a bit impatient with some. My regular doctor did not want me to switch a drug that was blocking calcium absorption in my body and I wanted off that medicine. So, she said for me to go to a specialist, she wanted nothing to do with it. Now, I feel so much better, but the symptoms that were being treated are not covered quite as well. Decisions, decisions. If things get worse, I’ll call the specialist back.

    I read an article in “Reader’s Digest” magazine years ago. A lady had a hole just behind her ear and she went to seven doctors, (I think), that told her not to worry about it. She just felt it wasn’t right, even though it didn’t hurt. Finally, a doctor ran some tests and helped her just in time to save her life. Her main point was that it’s our body, we need to be our own best advocate. I keep that in mind. I hope you find a great doctor. There are some really good ones out there. I’ll pray for you.

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