Creeping Cockroaches

Each year an occasional
cockroach strayed across
the back door steps of our
little flats. We never saw
where they came from.

Until a young couple settled
into our middle flat
cleared out their carport
and locker for car, parts,
and mechanic’s tools.
Cockroaches surged out
to be squashed with the
yard broom on the
carport’s concrete floor.

No more cockroaches for
a long time until he
spent this summer break
on car engine and wheels
for days in and out of the
locker with parts and tools.

A cockroach rebellion against
the upheaval surged out of
their lair to be squashed in
the carport, on door steps.

All is peaceful for now until he
works again on his elderly car.

Creeping Cockroaches

11 thoughts on “Creeping Cockroaches

  1. My daughter was working on her Phd in environmental Sciences. She had to go downstairs in this old building to get these dirt samples. As she entered all she could hear was small feet scrambling away from her. She said every time she had to move something they moved back into the shadows…In the end she showed me a dancing movement with her feet. She said the noise made them move fast. This is the kid who hated ants and almost didn’t make it through Japanese camp because of all the daddy long legs in the bathroom. She was determined to show no fear.

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      1. When she told me the story..I thought she is starting to grow up. Now I have a brother Glenn who saw one in his apartment in California. So he set off a bug bomb. At the last minute he forgot and ran in to get his toothbrush. When the bomb went off. He said he thought he was going to die. Only found one cockroach.

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      2. It’s good you are never in Minnesota when we have elder Beetles take over. One time I had to get in a house and the outside of it was “moving” Covered with 100’s of elder beetles Long body with red wings and black dots. It’s a weird thing that happens every once in a while here. My house had a major infestation with them when the previous owners went to Denmark to visit for 3 months. I heard Jens dug out every root of a Box elder tree that once lived in the back yard. My neighbor said he was like a crazed man! Do you have bugs like these too?

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      3. We have lots of snow in the South Island, but only round the centre of the North Island. I do not know why the bugs avoid us, but i am happy with that.


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