After unaccustomed convalescent
immobility the ginger tabby
cautiously moves his back
legs and tail stepping carefully
to the back door down steps
to the back garden where he
attends to his private business.
Soon he will be chasing other
feline visitors off his
fiercely guarded territory.

Nana is catching up on
neglected activities after
her busy pre Christmas
sewing time. Elderly Brownie
with white muzzle and eyebrows
staring out of her coal black
face enjoys long snoozes
under Nana’s sewing desk.

After eleven long days
his family came home to
the joy of the black and
white cat. He and the eight
year old curled up together
on the couch while Mum
and Dad cooked dinner.
He purred loudly as she
stroked him, told him about
their holiday, enjoying
the family around him.


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