Afternoon Tea.

Mum wanted to take Aunty Jo
to a pleasant cafe for delicious
afternoon tea on her birthday
but the eight year old was still
wobbly after a horrible tummy
bug, had to stay home to rest.

The six year old and little
brother were deputed to
take Aunty Jo out,
ably supported by Nana.

In garden surroundings they
enjoyed the cafe’s luscious
food then happily explored
garden, sandpit, and seesaw.

The eight year old was most upset
at missing this glorious outing,
but Mum eased this suffering
of an eight year old’s heart.

When the others came home
they were met at the back
door by a buoyant young
lady with nails all painted
alternately in sparkling
blue and silver nail polish.

Afternoon Tea.

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