Brm ! Brm !

Brm brm noises are
genetically predisposed
by the brm brm gene
on the Y chromosome.

Little girls rarely speak
this very strange sound.

Little boys know it
without being taught.

Four wheeled vehicles trigger
brm !  brm ! while being pushed
across the floor. As soon as
he sees one every little boy
knows to say “Brm !  Brm !”

Little brother has no big
brothers to teach him
only big sisters who do not
say “Brm !  Brm !” as they
draw pictures and dance
around in princess dresses.

Yet he still knows to say
“Brm !  Brm !” when pushing
his trucks across the floor.

Brm ! Brm !

15 thoughts on “Brm ! Brm !

  1. course not to the devil’s advocate …there are girls that say Brm..Brm..they even know how to fix those BrmBrm cars when they grow up and there are girls like mine that didn’t do the princess pink . She mixed colors, wore things backwards..wore different colored socks just because she could. Always drawing, talking constantly, liked animals , hated ants.She had no fear. Wrote words, stories, I think sometimes she was born to break all the gender rules. She also noticed very quickly that the boys toys moved whereas the girl toys didn’t …
    Other than that I liked your poem.

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      1. I wonder if it’s doing a strange loop on the weather patterns and it’s instead coming up here …in snow…? My brother Matt is in Florida and I said I’d shovel if it snows…I’m starting to regret being so nice. Hopefully this weather pattern will skip over Minneapolis too. It has to hold our for one more week..keep your fingers crossed.

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    1. Thank you. I have had a comment about a small daughter who loved cars, but I do not think it happens often. I saw many preschool brothers and sisters waiting for their brothers and sisters after primary school classes finished for the day.

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