English Tutorial

Our childhood memories
experiences set up building
blocks, foundations of our
adulthood whether we accept
or reject them or mindlessly
continue their unconscious paths.

Yet adults often ignore children
forgetful of adult impacts on
young minds, discounting them
from music, art, literature.

My short story for my English
tutorial was abhorrent to my
young reviewing partner for
its theme of adult perceptions
of three children’s situation.

To him a story of childish
experience of an adult
created world could only
be a children’s story.

And children are not
a topic for literature.

English Tutorial

8 thoughts on “English Tutorial

    1. Yes he was, and there are many who agree with him. People actually caring for children do not often have the time or energy to write about them. After many years of teaching I found this attitude among “literary elite” really weird. But it is also very common.


    1. Unfortunately he is one of a large majority in the academic world. I agree, they are missing out on a lot. He is simply the one who protested, thinking he was being asked to read children’s literature, which is not “real literature.”.


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