Southern Christmas

Christmas snow and storm
clouds fill northern skies like
traditional Christmas card
pictures and decorations.
But we southerners swelter
in light summer clothing in
warm humid breezes and
scorching summer sun.

Heavy roast dinner with
hot Christmas pudding is
too much for our stomachs
in this summer heat.

A little hot food, maybe
barbecue hot roast potatoes
is tolerable eaten with
salad greens,  coleslaw, tomatoes
with other concoctions
of cold crunchy salad.

Christmas pudding is edible
for some if dressed with custard
or sumptuous ice cream
but Christmas essentials are
strawberries and cream
along with fruit salad and
opulent pavlova covered with
cream then thin sliced kiwi fruit
halved strawberries … plus
any other fruit you please.

At Christmas down under
cold food is a joy along
with chilled grape beverages.

Southern Christmas

4 thoughts on “Southern Christmas

    1. Hot meal in that heat ! Too hard. We always had cold meat,and salad but hot boiled potatoes as my father could not sustain life without his daily serving of hot potato. Pudding was cold fruit, especially strawberries with ice cream. Then Christmas cake was served with afternoon tea.

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