I have a glass of water
on my coffee table while I
scramble after words, thoughts,
in the nooks and crannies
of my meandering brain.

In this hot sunny humidity
flies dive into the coolness
of the water. If I forget
to cover the glass
I find a fly frantically
thrashing across its surface
trying to escape what
it previously craved.
Too late to pass on its lesson
it is poured down the
kitchen sink, the glass washed.

Yesterday I forgot again
and entered the living room
to see small breakers
splashing around the glass.
How many flies this time ?!?
But the creature in the glass
was large and green !

A female praying mantis
sought a place for her eggs.
She was tipped out the window
on to bushes below for I
want her to stay here and
her children to devour
this plague of flies.

First posted 12 April 2016.



Strange little cottages
like a child’s picture
strange little boxes.
Front door in the centre
a window either side
a step up to the front door
a step up to the back.

Kitchen, laundry, bath
in the lean to on the back,
back door at the centre,
tiny windows each side.

The higgledy piggledy patchworks
of windows along the sides
were jabbed in by the farmer
for his workers’ families.

Three little cottages
built in a paddock
now surrounded by the town
that flowed down the road
over the farm
like an incoming tide
surging up the sand.

First posted 3 April 2016.


Happy New Year !

Happy New Year to all who have read my posts over the two years that I have been posting on WordPress !   And all the best for 2018 to all of you who read my posts, like and respond to them. You have been enormously helpful and supportive and I greatly appreciate all of you.  Thank you.

We have hopeful signs here at the start of 2018.  After  little or no rainfall over much of the country for the last two months, at a time when we usually do have rain, we actually had the showers predicted by our meteorologists today. Levels in urban reservoirs and rural water tanks are very low though water usage has dropped considerably in response to requests to conserve water.  I drove to a nearby city three days ago and the farmland in between which is usually green at this time of year was burnt to brown stubble in the high sunny temperatures. The local market gardens are producing smaller crops of vegetables than usual at this time of year.  So we are very hopeful that the additional rain forecast over the next four days will arrive. The downside in these days of climate change is that we may have more of the huge floods that have struck us in the last few years.

I realise that this will seem strange to people in the northern hemisphere who are experiencing heavy snowfall and icy temperatures.  But climate change is causing many problems in different ways. We are thinking of you too – your snowfall is often in our news here.  May those who are working on climate change measures receive the support they need.

Once again happy new year to you all.


Happy New Year !