Scorching heat from blazing
blue skies baked town and
countryside alike for two
months of late spring early
summer as the skies withheld
their usual vital rainfall.

Now spasmodic showers and
floods sometimes drench
parched earth far too hot
for grass and crops to grow.

Sheep and cattle stand under
shelter trees eating winter
feed that should have been
stored for several months yet.

Beyond the trees fields
of burnt brown stubble
stretch for miles
bake in searing sun.

This is the first of  my original poems for 2018.


10 thoughts on “Drought

    1. No it is not good. There is much discussion in the news media and other forums about this issue. It is clearly caused by climate change and farmers are going to have to change how they farm in our changing climate or go broke. We have had bad droughts in the past, somewhere from January to April, but they had usually had rainfall up to December to get the grass and crops growing. This drought in November and December is completely new.

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  1. Weird. On MPR last night they talked about Cape Cod, South Africa water rationing. I always thought New Zealand was safe. I liked the words ” Spasmodic showers” and burnt brown stubble.” Up here we are having extreme cold and and almost no snow. Almost the same thing but different.

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      1. Sooner or later they still have to deal with us. Even when living in their gated communities we still do the work for them …so they must be living in la la land …I’m o.k. if they freeze themselves for posterity. Perhaps they should do it earlier.

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