In A Back Room Drawer

Moving house again !
I always say “Last time !”
Then a pragmatic world
sends me off again.

With cartons spread around
I look in the spare room
chest of drawers.
Elderly shirts, trousers, sweatshirts
not yet too old to wear again.
Sewing thread, buttons,
needles and scissors,
fabric ends from the days before
Asian sweat shop clothing,
before fabric and dress
pattern prices soared.

Tucked amongst them
an old brown paper bag
taken from place to place.
In it I find my first pair
of “slip on” shoes
with no straps or laces
to grip my low arched feet.
Bone coloured, my first shoes
not brown or black.
In high school I was
now old enough for them,
a step towards the
high heeled shoes of
early teen craving.

Battered now, their low heels
worn at the outer corners,
relics of an exciting time when
I knew at last I was
moving toward adulthood.

They would come with me.

Originally posted 29 March 2016. 

In A Back Room Drawer

4 thoughts on “In A Back Room Drawer

  1. Eye remember clumpy high heels I begged my mother to buy me in the 7th grade. At first she said to me, “You can buy high heels when you’re an adult –” but I kept begging and she relented. Then for my 8th grade graduation, she bought me cream coloured high heels and eye sang and danced with them on.

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