Retirement Flat

This little flat is my home
now I live on my pension.

Three bedrooms worth of
household contents reduced to
two bedrooms worth for storage
while I worked abroad
my boxes and furniture now
packed in so tightly
it’s hard to squeeze
from room to room.

Square by square
in this Rubik’s cube
I ease contents from boxes
into cupboards and drawers.
The Salvation Army
take the overflow.
I empty bookshelves,
move them again,
return their books
to their shelves.
Daylight comes through
windows as I take boxes
down from sideboards.

I am slowly fitting into
the glove of my flat,
the sleeve of my pension.

First posted 17 March 2016

Retirement Flat

4 thoughts on “Retirement Flat

  1. Yes, downsizing takes a bit of time and a process. Thanks to my church’s rummage sales, I’ve managed to get rid of a lot of clutter that other people buy and add to their clutter, and I give my old magazines to the local hospital, assuring that the magazines scattered in waiting rooms there are newer than usual. Good luck with your downsizing!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks. The worst is done, but I am gradually moving on the stuff I no longer need – I did not want to get rid of anything then find I still needed it. My old magazines do the rounds through households of other family members.

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