Suddenly Retired

Suddenly I am retired
back in my hometown
after toiling for a living
in other towns
in other countries.

At sixty five my chances ran out.
No other employer would take me on
with referees far away or long gone.
The community expects I will now
live on my pension.

I move into my new home.
Social Welfare give me
forms to fill in to say
I live alone at this address.
They say I will have
a living alone allowance
added to my pension.
They are paying me not to work.

I had always expected
to work part time while
living on the pension.
Now the young unemployed
are hired first.

What will I do ?
It seems only yesterday
that I sat in the library
covering books, gluing labels
fifty years ago.

It’s happened so fast,
what to do now ?
With thirty years to go ?

Originally posted 1 March 2016.

Suddenly Retired

15 thoughts on “Suddenly Retired

    1. I wrote this nearly five years ago when I found myself newly in this situation, and had to work out what to do. This captures that time of indecision for which I was unprepared. After that I did voluntary work, I did papers at the local university in creative writing for a year, did a whole lot of writing, then started up a blog – initially on Tumblr, then went over to WordPress two years ago. But that initial period was most disorienting.

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    1. I hope employers take you on too ! Even if you are eligible for a pension there is no knowing how long it will have to last, I would prefer to have continued in paid employment as my father was nearly 92 when he died, and Mum came from a family that had a poor medical history but still lived to 81. The medical and dental bills keep coming, and our pension only covers basic living costs. My small savings will not outlast any major disasters. Time will tell on this one. Good luck !

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