Five Feisty Tuis

Five feisty tuis
iridescent cousins of
ferocious blackbirds;
territorial warriors guarding
prolific nectar laden trees
golden kowhai blooms
scarlet eucalyptus spikes.

Five feisty tuis
elegant parson birds
knots of white feathers
curling at their throats
arrive at the untenanted
kowhai tree No trilling
bell like courting songs now.

Five feisty tuis
streak into the kowhai’s
heart claiming every luscious
nectar laden flower for
their own. Loud raucous
shrieks fill the air.
Speeding beating wings
dart through heavily
laden branches vicious
beaks cruelly stabbing.

One by one the victor
forces them to flee.

Triumphantly he struts
poses on a high branch,
trilling, wooing his beautiful
female to set up a nest.

Five Feisty Tuis

20 thoughts on “Five Feisty Tuis

    1. This was astounding ! This kowhai tree is actually by the boundary wall with the footpath, and some of it arches over the foot path itself. They rushed into it just as I started walking under it and gave me a big shock !

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      1. I can see that vision happening because that’s actually what they do to everything that moves near the tree they have claimed, I once saw it attack a cat that started to climb the Kowhai tree, that cat never went back, even when the tui had left.
        I bet it gave you a fright, actually I was never too sure of them in the garden if they seemed to be swooping down towards me I would put my arm above my head in case they attacked me.

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    1. They are beautiful – their feathers are very iridescent in the sun, lots of blues, greens, even bronze. And their courting song to their females is glorious. It was a real shock to hear their raucous territorial fights when I moved to this smaller city where they flourish – and deafen us in spring.

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      1. No I can’t whistle, but they can learn everyday sounds they hear and mimic those. There are reports of birds in garden copying sounds of phones, both landline and mobile.


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