A Brother Buried

Cousin George always bullied
younger brother ,cousin Alfred
yet remained their autocratic
father’s favourite son.

Young George worked for
our government in Samoa
before WW II, a promising
young professional fellow.

Years later after Alfred’s sudden
death his descendants explored
their family history. George
was not found in the foreign
service or public records.

Alfred said George died in
1940 but at last they found
his death notice for 1947.

Now they seek his
place of burial
of residence and work,
means of support.
Had he a wife ?
children ?

For Alfred only told an
erroneous date of death.
He truly buried his brother.

A Brother Buried

6 thoughts on “A Brother Buried

  1. Interesting post.
    We have that problem finding my husbands, Great Grandmother, don’t know where to start next, got lost on the family trail.
    Hope you are having a nice warm weekend, the wind is very cold today in Taranaki.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes. Mum liked the younger brother, but not the older one, she was in between the two of them in age. As I said in an earlier comment, I think the brevity of the death notice indicates there was no one who cared about the older brother’s death. My generation of cousins were very young or not yet born, so Alfred and his wife – both long since deceased – were possibly the only ones involved with “George’s” death at age 38, and his funeral as next of kin. I wonder if there was deep depression or mental illness, but the cousins have found nothing whatever so far.


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