Medal For Bravery

Great uncle Richard’s military
record in bright photocopy with
colourful signatures, official
stamps from the Defence Ministry
reached our cousins.

Born in 1890 he joined our
expeditionary force to take
Samoa from Germany in 1914.
He fought 1915 – 1918 in Europe
surviving the trenches with a
military cross for bravery
at Passchendaele in 1917.

After 22 years as a civilian
here he returned to England to
train his young countrymen to
fight in Europe and Africa.

My own generation read this
in great surprise in 2014.
He was divorced in 1937
in his far city home, left
no descendants to keep
his memories alive.

His family in his home city
rejected him for his divorce.,
never mentioned his war
service or military cross.

Medal For Bravery

5 thoughts on “Medal For Bravery

    1. Thank you. Yes this family were Church of England, which has always seemed very middle of the road to me. So it was all the more surprising to us. I remember how surprised I was when I found out Mum could not receive communion in her own C of E in the 1960’s because Dad was divorced from his first wife during WW II. No consideration was given to the effects of war on marriages back then. Dad’s Presbyterian church did accept divorcees, so we were brought up Presbyterian. I found it strange that we did not go to both, and it all seemed very strange when I did find out. Mum was such a pillar of the community.

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      1. There was shame associated with divorce that isn’t there now. I had a Catholic friend who divorced a bastard (it happens!) who was excommunicated by the church. She had been a practicing RC, active in the church, and devoted Christian. Denied communion, etc., she became a hater of Christianity, very bitter. When she died of cancer, she’d left instructions not to have anything Christian associated with her service. How cruel of the church! How unchristian! Things are better now, I think, but any church that shuns isn’t worth belonging to. (I was raised Presbyterian, too, since my maternal grandparents both were Scottish immigrants to the USA, and my mother was raised Presbyterian, of course!)

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  1. It’s so sad when people turn from God because of people. A Christian writer turned from faith because of men at her church ogling women in the grocery store and making rude comments. (I heard that from a friend of hers at the library. Whether she’s really a friend, I don’t know.) Anyway, the men didn’t see her. She now writes New Age books. Broke my heart to hear that.

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    1. Any church is made up of its people. Clearly she felt that the people at her church were not living and worshipping as she wished to. I wonder how many other church people realise that.


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