No One And Nothing

The mother of the war veterans’
home once called a matron,
now a CEO, oversaw the
filling of the large store room’s
cubby holes with articles of
men’s clothing, with satisfaction.

Touring the home with future
residents and families she
showed them her store room
requesting whatever they
were able to supply.

For some who fought in
World War II, Korea, Vietnam,
bore a heavy load of war’s
ravages, wounds and stresses,
could not bear the additional
load of human contact.

In time they would reach the
shores of the veterans’ home,
washed up, washed out,
with no one and nothing.

No One And Nothing

5 thoughts on “No One And Nothing

  1. I had to read this one a couple of times, Glenys. It is heartbreakingly true in the US as well. I’ll never understand how a nation so wealthy abandons these unfortunate souls until they are old enough to wash up and be taken in by the few veteran homes we have.

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