Our long lost English cousins
travelled their new found native
land as I returned to work.

Occasional phone calls told me
of their whereabouts, with some
linguistic adjustment needed
to facilitate communication.

“We’re …” …… “We’re at …”
…. deep bass background chuckles
“We’re at …”  …. “Omapere,”
finished a voice in the background.

Now we could complete
our intended  conversation.

I used to find it difficult to
pronounce strangely spelt
English place names on
my visits to England too.


4 thoughts on “Linguistics

    1. Oh dear, I really should have put an explanatory note at the end of the poem. “Omapere” is one of many Maori place names in New Zealand. The Maori are a Polynesian people who settled many island groups in the east of the Pacific. They started settling in New Zealand round 1200 CE, around 600 years before the Europeans started settling here. Those of us who live here are used to the names though many non Maori don’t get the pronunciation quite right here either.


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