A Foreign Land

The English cousins returned
after forty two years away
on flights droning on through
long night and longer day.

So different from their weeks
on board ship at a very young
age returning to their mother’s
distant home land.  Now our
climate and latitudinal changes
caught them by surprise.

Their second evening coming
out of the supermarket they
were puzzled at the swift
darkness replacing bright
sunset. As they stared a
downpour drenched them,
not gentle English rain.

You told us to bring our shorts !”
came a wail from the soaking darkness.

A Foreign Land

13 thoughts on “A Foreign Land

  1. I love the comment description of the wail from the soaking darkness.
    A strange FYI: My brothers hockey team is called Darkness…we found it was very hard to shout go….darkness! get in the goal…Darkness! Great Save…Darkness Goalie ! see what I mean? A mouthful.

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  2. I enjoyed the surprise ending, Glenys. It is difficult, when traveling, to really understand what the climate will be like, even though I’ve read about it and tracked the daily weather for the period I’ll be visiting. I can’t seem to grasp, when it’s below freezing both day and night in Craig, it will be in the mid eighties in Phoenix.

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