Saturday Afternoon

Saturday afternoon
two little girls in the sun
draw on the concrete
with large sticks of chalk
pattern pebbles on the
driveway’s soil strip
rush around on scooter
and little pink tricycle.

The black and white cat
and the tabby hunter
sit on the back steps
bask in mellow rays.
Gentle breezes ripple
their plush shiny fur.

Their eyes sometimes follow
the children’s activity
sometimes close in
happy restfulness as
they sit like small sphinxes
happy in this homeliness.


Saturday Afternoon

A Nice Little Dog

In their compact newly built
home well suited to retirement
after their large family home
the quiet little elderly couple
slowed down, enjoying their
pleasant small garden cared
for by a fortnightly gardener.

With their house too quiet
after the passing of their
venerable dog family and
friends made inquiries.
A little Yorkshire terrier
would suit them now.

Outgoing outspoken Sally the
terrier told people at her gate
to move on, keep away.
Attaching herself to the quiet
little wife she towed her
briskly on daily walks.

Keen to explore far horizons
she rattled the gate till she
squeezed around it, running
along till a passerby blocked
her way. Indignantly she
complained but finally went
home with her elderly lady.

Will this little dog calm
down in old age ?

A Nice Little Dog

Guest Artist, Glenys Doull of New Zealand

I very much appreciate Richard’s featuring my work as a guest artist on his website. I hope this interests those who follow my blog.

QuickTurtle Books®

It is my privilege to introduce Glenys as part of our Guest Artist Series.  I believe she is an important poet of our times and for the people.  Unencumbered by the literary judgements of intellectuals, she is part of the movement to return poetry to the people–where it rightfully belongs.  I hope you take the time to enjoy her wonderful skill of imagery and verse.

These poems are used by permission and copyrighted by Glenys Doull.

Sweet Peas

Heavily scented warm
summer air draws in
buzzing bees eagerly
seeking precious nectar.

Sweet peas swarm up
netting on the old shed wall
a perfumed rainbow
tapestry of many hues.

Pale pastels to bright
reds, purples, pinks,
blues and lilacs paint a
masterpiece on old timbers.

Rich pickings for the
school children’s flower show.

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Guest Artist, Glenys Doull of New Zealand

Back Path

Past our flats’ back doors
runs a narrow path down
to carports at the back.

Unnoticed by other tenants
emerald green slime crept
glowed over that path
overhung by clothes lines
and back porch eaves.
Until Susie in flat three
slipped, nearly fell,
until I fell down flat.

” _______ !” those flourishing
streaks of emerald slime
covering the path so
sheltered from the sun !
But no one owned that
path or cleaned it.

We attached her partner’s
family’s bottle of slime
killer to my old garden hose.
She walked up the path
spraying slime killer as I
rolled out the hose behind her.

We killed the slime !

Several years later
it is back again.

Back Path

Enemy Squadrons

Down our driveway waft
enemy squadrons of invisible
fungi spores bombarding
my garden, my neighbours’
motley leafed maroon and
green pittosporums, the
demure viburnum out the front.

Armies are entrenched along
the front hedge surrounding
the little front lawn; blotches
of curly leaf, powdery and
sooty mildew severely oppress
those poor sad dulled leaves.

The front flats’ gardening man
was outraged when I asked
if he sprayed that depressed
overpowered hedge. It remained
defeated and overpowered
after he had gone.

That spring I sprayed the gardens
the hedge. Lush foliage spread
upwards and outwards all along
our drive. The viburnun
crowded out its front garden.
In summer the bees returned.

Now the gardening man is
far more frequently trimming
rampant vegetation around
our front flats.

Enemy Squadrons