A Scottish Soldier

“There was a soldier,
a Scottish soldier,
who wandered far away,
who soldiered far away….” *

In a lonely stony highland glen
lived a young Scot with his clan.
Each spring as the heather on
the hill began to bloom he and
his fellow clansmen left to
seek their fortune fighting for
the continent’s foreign armies.

After summer’s purple heather
blaze faded on the hills,
as gunfire ceased, cannon
stilled, the clansmen returned
to their families in the glen.

Until one summer’s end when no
welcoming embraces greeted them,
their stone cottages were empty
the hills and glen stood silent.

At last their searching found
auld Jock hiding in his
bothy in the hills with
a horrible tale to tell.

The landlord’s bailiffs had
driven women and children,
old and infirm far away to the
city port, shipped them all to
the distant Caribbean Isles.

They would only find their
families far across the ocean.

* Chorus of song written and sung 
by Andy Stewart.  1961.

A Scottish Soldier

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