‘Uss ‘Uss

Big sister as a toddler
adored elderly Ephraim
stroked his grey fur gently
all the way down to the tip
of his sleek elegant tail.
He purred deeply as she
cooed to him ” ‘Uss !  ‘Uss !”
her first word learned
after “Mummy”, “Daddy”.

Little brother toddles
around the house, claps
his hands gasps rapturously
when he finds the black and
white cat curled up in sunshine
on the couch by the window.
He pats and strokes the
thick fur carefully as it
vibrates under deep
rolling purring. Little
brother has learnt “Mummy”
and “Daddy”, now he is
saying ” ‘Uss !  ‘Uss !”


‘Uss ‘Uss

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