Guest Artist, Glenys Doull of New Zealand

I very much appreciate Richard’s featuring my work as a guest artist on his website. I hope this interests those who follow my blog.

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It is my privilege to introduce Glenys as part of our Guest Artist Series.  I believe she is an important poet of our times and for the people.  Unencumbered by the literary judgements of intellectuals, she is part of the movement to return poetry to the people–where it rightfully belongs.  I hope you take the time to enjoy her wonderful skill of imagery and verse.

These poems are used by permission and copyrighted by Glenys Doull.

Sweet Peas

Heavily scented warm
summer air draws in
buzzing bees eagerly
seeking precious nectar.

Sweet peas swarm up
netting on the old shed wall
a perfumed rainbow
tapestry of many hues.

Pale pastels to bright
reds, purples, pinks,
blues and lilacs paint a
masterpiece on old timbers.

Rich pickings for the
school children’s flower show.

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Guest Artist, Glenys Doull of New Zealand

9 thoughts on “Guest Artist, Glenys Doull of New Zealand

  1. oops…I was delighted to see your poems on Richards site and re-blogged it before I settled down to read your interview questions. Thank you very much for mentioning me, I am flattered. And embarrassed because my re-blog now looks like self promotion!

    Congratulations on the lovely selection of poems.

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      1. Thank you so much. I nearly put Leonard on my list but he mostly posts poems by others, though I certainly enjoy the Chinese poems – translated. I did not want to make the list too long.

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