Back Path

Past our flats’ back doors
runs a narrow path down
to carports at the back.

Unnoticed by other tenants
emerald green slime crept
glowed over that path
overhung by clothes lines
and back porch eaves.
Until Susie in flat three
slipped, nearly fell,
until I fell down flat.

” _______ !” those flourishing
streaks of emerald slime
covering the path so
sheltered from the sun !
But no one owned that
path or cleaned it.

We attached her partner’s
family’s bottle of slime
killer to my old garden hose.
She walked up the path
spraying slime killer as I
rolled out the hose behind her.

We killed the slime !

Several years later
it is back again.

Back Path

16 thoughts on “Back Path

      1. So yesterday while cleaning someone else’s house I noticed green slime on the chimney out side…even on the hoses…made me wonder. They have a big tree in the back= shade while at my house it’s almost too much light…so slime is something I do not experience. Course I live in Minnesota so soon what slime there is- will soon freeze and begone.

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      2. no…no….no…then you’d be living in Minnesota…not somewhere warm. Yesterday was soo cold I couldn’t even fathom going outside -even into my garage…I hibernated the first weekend of cold for the season. Yikes.

        Liked by 1 person

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