My newly purchased town
house stood on its back section
in newly built splendour.
Its letterbox read “114A“.

After unpacking, settling in,
weathering Christmas and
New Year, my rates bill
was truly overdue. The
council office was puzzled
on the phone, so I took my
documents to their offices.
A senior man checked their
records, assured me
my number was….”116A”  .

In those days of handwritten
documents over thirty years
ago a hurried “4” could
become a “6”.  We agreed
that this had happened here.

If I change my number
again, I said, my mail will
all be “returned to sender”.
At the council man’s
suggestion I wrote a
letter to the council.

One month later I was
officially …… “114A“.


11 thoughts on “Handwriting

    1. Yes indeed. Not happy at Winston getting such an opportunity to strut and pose again.
      The council were able to pinpoint my section by the DP and Lot numbers, which was most fortunate. But they then had to see if anyone else was going to need number 114A in amongst the new cul de sacs and subdivided back sections arund my section. They decided no one would need it, and allowed me to keep 114A.

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