In The Shower

Ultimate civilisation starts my
day with a hot shower raining
warmth down my back, arms,
shoulders, chest, stomach, legs,
finally thawing those blocks of
ice at the ends of my legs
into flesh and blood feet.

The daily battle with the
mixer millimetre by millimetre
changes hot to cold to cool
to warm pouring cosy heat
right through me.

Steam rises misting the
glass shower door filling
the shower box with moist
warmth as I soap myself
then spray it off  with the
shower head’s warm flow,
warm myself under a hot
flow one last time.

I am ready  for the day.

Reluctantly I turn off the
steady warmth, hear the
quiet thrumming as the
fan expels the steam.

On to a new day
in the real world.

In The Shower

16 thoughts on “In The Shower

  1. In my early 20s, I lived deep in the rainforest in Australia, with no electricity. This meant no hot water, and only cold showers. TO THIS DAY, I remain so grateful for a strong hot shower on a cold morning!

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  2. So evocative, I could feel every drop!
    Thank you for choosing to follow one of my blogs. I do hope you continue to enjoy the posts and perhaps visit the other two blogs one day? Léa

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