Nearing retirement age
my hair’s tight frizzy wave
tightened further while
splotchy grey patches
edged round brown
splotches and refused
to change its style
when trimmed short.

In exasperation I bought
a hair dye box, started a
new path in life in front
of the bathroom mirror.

At first I carefully made
each parting straight,  dabbed
on its squirt of colour,
parted then squirted again.
My hair turned dark as did
unseen flicks of colour on
my clothes, all in half an hour.

Now my hair dyeing methods
part hair, squirt colour over
my head in ten minutes
while minimally clothed
for those flicked specks of
colour as the bathroom
window stands open to let
dye fumes out but allows
cold air to surge in  Brr  !!

How much longer do I
want to do this ?


12 thoughts on “Hair

  1. At 51, I’m proudly silver and LOVE IT! So many people compliment me on my hair; I get a groovy cut with a funky hairdresser every couple of months, and I take pride in knowing I’m [hopefully] inspiring other women to just be Authentic; Ageism SUX

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    1. Fair enough. I still prefer my hair to be the colour it is, and it is a great way to alter one’s appearance to express oneself. Though I have to say I have not put any startling colours in it, just the colour it used to be originally. I started colouring it ten years ago, when I was sixty, after years of vowing not to put chemicals in my hair. I think I will colour it for a while yet.

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      1. Go to Google and type translate into search field. Then the first thing to show on result’s page will be a Google translate app. Then cut and paste into the field requiring translating and set the other field, results, to English and there ya’ go. There are many languages to choose from and it works in reverse also … Cheers Jamie

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