Gutter And Drain

When the man who cleared my
gutter went to empty the gunge
from his bucket I said not
on my precious garden put it
down the drain so he did
– more than I expected.
………………Oooops ! …………….

We both pumped my yard
broom handle up and down
in the drain put several
bucketfuls of water down
so the gunge and water
washed away down the drain
…………….most of it………………

Over several days I plied
broom handle and bucket
but a stubborn layer of gritty
stuff clung to the gully
trap and the drain’s water
level stayed well up.
……………. Hmmmm ! ………….

I rang the drains company.
Two men came with their
drains snake hose which
one pumped up and down
while the other turned on
taps in my little flat
then checked the other
flats’ drains. At last all the
gunge was gone and the
drain was empty of water.

Soon I  will receive a bill
for two drains people’s time.

Gutter And Drain

5 thoughts on “Gutter And Drain

  1. Ah! That’s too bad. I thought of you today in our grocery store. I bought some organic apples. Some from Washington state in the Northwestern section of the USA and some from New Zealand. I’m looking forward to trying them tomorrow. I’m trying to cut back on my overeating, even a healthy apple. Eating when full has been my problem lately. God bless!
    I feel like I watched the whole situation with your garden and your drain. I probably would have said the same thing, gardens can be killed with too much gunk.

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    1. Yes, I am still wondering about that (I have not yet received the bill, I might add). We have concrete all around our flats except for the tiny gardens in front of each flat, so there is no back yard / corner where we can dump it.

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