Celery Tree

A strange plant rises from
the bowl of water on my bench.
Tall green stems urge from
the thick tap root chopped
short back at its paddock.
A frothy head of greenery
sprouts from the top of these
tall broad green stems like
so many narrow trunks.

New trunks push their way
up inside the older trunks.
Why not put out branches
from on centre trunk ?

What  a confused plant !

Yet its stems add a
wonderful taste to my
food when chopped,
stirred in and cooked.

I forgive celery its oddities.

Celery Tree

2 thoughts on “Celery Tree

  1. What I love about your poetry is that you draw inspiration from everyday activities, thus lending your pieces a much needed reality edge. It is unpretentious and devoid of grandiloquence. That’s so hard to find in contemporary poetry! Also, loved the phrase” frothy head”! Cheers, Sofia

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