Red orange yellow green clumps
of bobbles and bulges display half
a rainbow in their shop display
a spread of many colours
covering hollows squeezed
out of shape by a cook’s hands’
Colourful capsicums setting
our meals ablaze.

Slicing through their bulges and
pockets the pleats round their
stalks, white seeds flicking
out as the knife cuts through
flesh and airy hollows.
So strange after chopping
slicing and dicing worldly
everyday vegetables.

Still they reward us with
unique flavours and colour
when the knife’s work is done.


5 thoughts on “Capsicums

  1. You surprised me with this one. I wondered what wonderful, other-world fruit or vegetable you were eating; so I googled capsicum and discovered you were enjoying and once again describing perfectly the peppers that I enjoy so often. What a delightful poem.

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