At The Grocer’s

Amaranth quinoa chia flax seeds
bulgur wheat millet couscous.

Outlandish names on bulk
jars and bins at today’s
grocer’s shop – the supermarket.

Once our grocer’s shop was one
of the little shops clustered
around the haphazard cross
roads of five busy roads.

Butcher, baker, chemist, dairy,
greengrocer, draper stood
beside fishmonger’s, hardware,
stationer’s and shoe shops.
Each shop kept to its own
line of goods, each shopkeeper
served customers at the counter.

When our first superette opened
an old lady complained to the
manager that the checkout girl
would not fetch the items on
her shopping list. He said he
paid her to stay at the till, not
fetch items for customers.

A strange new world indeed !

What would the old lady have
thought of amaranth, quinoa,
chia, flax seed and bulgur wheat ?

At The Grocer’s

7 thoughts on “At The Grocer’s

  1. True enough.

    Amaranth is a familiar family in the garden. Love-lies-bleeding is in that family. Quinoa, Chia are South American grains. Chia was used by the Aztec and Mayan runners for strength on a long journey. Flax and Bulgar old English European grains. Flax more commonly used then for linen.

    Like yourself, maybe? I certaInly remember lining up to be served at the counter, prior to self serve. Butter in barrels without refrigeration. The quantity that in which the items were bought, was also much smaller than today. Many vegetables were sold in cans. Cheers Jamie

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    1. Quantities bought would have been smaller due to the expense of refrigeration, especially perishable foods like dairy. Though milk was delivered daily by the mikman at that time. My parents bought a very elderly third hand refrigerator, which being mechanical rather than electronic manged to chug its way through a good few years. The motor took up a lot of space inside the actual body of the refrigerator.. we were in a small city with vegetables grown nearby and consequently cheap to buy fresh.

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  2. I had to smile as I pictured the confused older lady wondering why the cahsier remained at her post. Our world keeps spinning with new inventions and fresh words and it can be perplexing. I ask young people about new technology when it gets outside of my realm. They are kind about it. 🙂

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