Welfare Office Visit

As I approached the downtown
welfare office for an official
form for my latest phase of
the paid up pensioners’ club
two security guards stopped
me at the glass front door.

Name, appointment time, reasons
for visit, ID, they required.
I gawped at them, no appointment,
only requesting a form.  They accepted
my pensioner gold card for ID.

Welfare offices here have
recently had threatening visits,
knives flourished, staff shot.
I know they must stay safe.

I still feel little old ladies
are unlikely to shoot welfare
staff but maybe I am wrong.

Welfare Office Visit

7 thoughts on “Welfare Office Visit

    1. It was most disconcerting ! We did have someone shoot three welfare staff members dead two years ago for a situation they could not change, so I realised why this happened. But it was a while since I had had to visit this office and I had quite forgotten about it.

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  1. This is a perfectly structured poem with interesting details about a brief life experience and an unexpected ending that cause me to chuckle. I like the way you take brief snapshots from your life and turn them into poetry.

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