Do weight watchers and
Jenny Craig attend diabetes
classes to learn the best
meals for diabetic customers ?

How much do customers
pay them to attend these
time consuming classes ?

As late stage diabetes patients
fill hospitals and medical
centres our government sets
up classes to halt this flow.

Living on a pension I attend
these free classes myself
learning to cook new meals,
understanding medications,
blood tests, care of feet.

Information overload !

We must reduce our intake of
alcohol, meat, carbohydrates,
some diabetics drop out of classes.
All the findings of modern
science are too hard for them.

This information from my classes
now fills a ringbinder. I told my
friend I could sit exams on
all this scientific outpouring.

She says I could pass these exams.

Would weight watchers and
Jenny Craig pass the exams ?


9 thoughts on “Classes

  1. Great question! I don’t know about weight watchers and Jenny Craig, but I now know about you and that you attend them, pay attention, keep the handouts, face the idea of making difficult changes. Good for you.

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  2. I agree, its very difficult to get to grips with all the information —and some of it can be conflicting. And, as there seem to be several different types of diabetes( the classic type 1 and type 2, but type 2 has now been found to have more than one cause), then what works to reduce blood sugars for one person need not work as well for another. My doctor recommended the Mediterranean diet, but a low carb diet works better for me.

    Then…at my recent annual checkup, the Nurse told me that our local hospital is undertaking trials for a putative cure for most type 2 diabetics. It involves strict fasting for a period of time –the trials are to determine whether its the length of fasting, or the weight loss it causes that is the key factor, and how safe it is for for the majority of diabetics. I’m sticking to my low carbs at present!

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    1. I am wondering if research is gradually changing what is known about the causes and processes of diabetes as well. Our family health professionals disagree with some of what I have been told at my classes. I have reduced the amount of meat that I eat, and wonder if that helped my big drop in my blood sugar levels in my last blood test. It will probably take a few more blood tests to be sure. I would be very worried about erratic or overly low blood sugar levels from fasting. I have also stopped eating between meals, except for whole grain crackers as a snack at night. Time will tell on that one too.

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      1. Yes I’m concerned about the fasting too. My diabetes is very likely to have a genetic cause, as all the women in my mothers family have developed type 2 diabetes. I was discovered to be “metabolizing sugars differently” in my 20’s.

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      2. I don’t know of any family member with diabetes since my g-g-grandfather died of diabetes and gangrene in 1885. My sister says that is too long ago to count. She doesn’t want it to count. However. We do have a lot of bowel cancer, stomach and liver cancer in one case, very sickly children unable to keep much food down in early childhood, and severe food intolerances from birth in the next two generations. So our immediate family for five generations have very poor digestive system genes. I was not expecting to be dignosed with diabetes at 70, but on the other hand I was not surprised.

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