After errands through the
milling throng around our
shopping plaza I need lunch
to re energise myself. The
nurse and diabetes classes
give strict instructions for
healthy diabetics’ food.

Last time here I ate a little
seafood cocktail with a
healthy wholemeal sandwich.

Today I crave a Macdonald’s
burger with double meat patties
and fries to bolster up my tea
with milk and equal.
I could walk down the road
to the healthy sandwich bar
but Macdonald’s is right here.

The health professional relatives
frown on Macdonalds – so very
unnutritional. The haute cuisine
connoisseur relatives say
Macdonalds is just not food.

But I enjoy a Big Mac and fries
occasionally as a change from
my favourite plaza cafe’s
toasted ham and cheese sammies.

I give in to myself, eat burger
and fries with milky tea

and am most relieved some
weeks later when my glucose
count has still gone down.


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