Chicken Nuggets, Big Macs, Fries, and Kumara.

A diet decreed by health
professionals has been deemed
essential for my functional
quality of life. Approved
healthy foods are urged on
me at family gatherings.

I am trying to comply but
I refuse to interact with the
favourite super food of
familial health professionals
…… kumara*. No. I can not
eat it.  They are puzzled.

I deeply miss chicken nuggets
Big Macs an fries. I did not
eat them often but the choice
was always mine !

“No nutritional value !” exclaim
the health professionals, surprised.

No indeed !  Instead they have
delicious savoury flavour,
juicy burger patty, hot crisp
crustiness of fries, all so sensual
to the taste buds, such glorious
lingering taste and texture.

We have agreed to differ on
this matter of food sensuality.

Kumara is off my menu.

**kumara – New Zealand sweet potato.

My computer stopped working 36 hours ago and I am posting this  at the library during a brief visit to town.  I hope to have my own computer access again in the next day or two.
Unfortunately I may miss some of the posts I find so interesting.

Chicken Nuggets, Big Macs, Fries, and Kumara.

7 thoughts on “Chicken Nuggets, Big Macs, Fries, and Kumara.

  1. Good old Kumara, I’m interested why it is off your menu, I can understand if it is baked in the oven with meat, but I cook it in the pot with potatoes and mash together, a nice change from just mashed potatoes I have even had just mashed kumara, with vegetables, very nice.
    Hope you get your computer sorted, that’s not nice, you will feel lost without it.
    Have a nice weekend.

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    1. I just do not like the taste of kumara, though I must say I dislike brussels sprouts even more. And mashing it is with potato spoils the taste of good spuds. I have said nothing about it in the past at family meals, but now that I have diabetes the family health professionals have put the pressure on to eat it and I have really had to put my foot down I will eat it when I am out, to be polite, but that is all. Thank you for your good wishes with the computer. I am now gingerly starting out on a new computer. i just did not think it would be worth my while to spend time and money on repairs to the old one. So this is another challenge – getting acquainted with a new computer.


  2. My dear, I understand how difficult it must be for you. I have been diabetic for over ten years, so I know how hard it is especially for someone comparatively new to the life. I am a vegetarian, mostly, since my late teens. Yet, my second wife would not contemplate such a diet. I acquiesced during our time together, for the sake of harmony.

    In my experience, being a vegetarian is not denial. It is a whole range of tastes and flavours, that fast food cannot even compare.

    Even so I would recommend, you set aside one day of the week. To indulge in whatever you wish. For myself, that is Saturdays.

    For the last 9 months, my A1C results have been steadily dropping. I was at my doctor’s office this week to see the latest results. His jaw dropped and he said, “whatever it is you’re doing, keep it up”. For the last three monthly my A1C result showed almost normal values.

    I did not tell him. I have been taking 1 Tbs of raw unfiltered Apple Cider Vinegar, with I tsp of good honey in I cup of warm water. Slowly sipping it; most mornings, in place of my previous tea. It was a remedy I found on internet. Yet I have heard of it previously. He is allowing me to now use half of my meds. of insulin. Other than that, I have done very little that is different.

    Maybe, if the same improvement can be measured in 3 months? I will enlighten him.

    So, please try it. BTW You know all those fats that are used in McDonald’s are genetically modified and sprayed with that roundup? Roundup is a known carcinogen and shown to aid diabetes be contracted in people? Best wishes, Cheers Jamie.

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    1. Hi there, thanks for all the info. I have received much advice from various people, all out of sync with each other, and have decided to go my own way on food. To me food is meant to be enjoyed, and as I am now seventy I must be reasonably impervious to much of the so called rubbish in our food, even though my pancreas is not cooperating. I recently got the results of my first thre emonthly diabetic blood test, and my glucose (/sugar ?) count had dropped dramatically. So I must be doing something right.

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