To fly from her provincial
home city to the folk music
holiday weekend in the country

she chose the very cheap air fares
of the budget airline so she
had to fly to the vast mega city
then out again. This lengthy
trip gave the cheapest fares.

A thick dark fog monster
choked the mega city’s airport
with clogging swirling vapour.

The budget air line with its budget
skeleton staff slogged to rebook
its passengers around the country
on its budget skeleton air fleet.

She arrived one day late for
her folk music holiday weekend.


7 thoughts on “Fogbound

      1. The Australian folk music reflects the Australian innate nature in all its diversity, as the NZ folk music reflects our innate nature. I don’t know enough about the folk music on either side of the Tasman Sea to give names. Try Google.


      2. Thanks! My brother-in-law is from Sydney and lives with my sister in London UK. I gleaned some folk from him. Just interested as to how the two countries compare? My sister when we were younger lived in NZ with her then boyfriend. When she came back to UK bought a couple from there who were interested in touring Europe. They gave some insight as to how it was living in NZ. I will check google, thanks J

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