Goggle Box

Serious brains tell me
television is frothy lightweight
air brained frivolous. They stare
at me blankly as I enthuse
about documentaries, drama,
current affairs programmes,
reality and games shows, and
in between funny moments.

During the day I cook meals,
garden, clean house, read
books, newspapers, magazines.
I even write posts for a blog.

Yet I remain unweighted by
serious subscription magazines.
come night time I chose to
relax, have a good laugh, watch
ancient history documentaries,
enjoy a different world.

Goggle Box

One thought on “Goggle Box

  1. Ahh … but the shows have a predictable guided narrative. One hat does not challenge any sort of different way, of looking at any subject. But hey, if it works? I’m not knocking it. After all “entertainment” means being entertained. Cheers Jamie

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