House Cleaning

Sitting on my couch leafing
through my book of jotted
words, scribbled ideas, thinking
thoughts for my next poem
for my blog, pondering one
then another.Nothing strikes
a chord, starts me writing.

Ceiling corners’ cobwebs taunt
me, wisps of carpet fluff float
up, point at me. A layer of dust
covers sideboard, living room
surfaces, dulls them greyly.
The kitchen floor needs sweeping,
wet mopping. All sights that
annoy me as I sit. The tiles
around the bathroom vanity, the
large bathroom mirror all need
smudges, soapy smears wiped off.

So many distractions from writing.

When I sweep the floors, work
the vacuum cleaner, ply wet
mop and bucket, clean bathroom
tiles and mirror, move dusters
over living room and bedroom…

… ideas flow, ready to write,
sharp words, keen phrases come
to mind. So I jot them down,
continue cleaning write down
more …… Most confusing !

House Cleaning

11 thoughts on “House Cleaning

  1. I loved this! Once again, you and I have shared an experience. When I am exercising, working in my yard, vacuuming, cleaning the refrigerator, etc, often writing inspiration hits without my purposefully asking for it. Thank you for catching my experience so perfectly in your poem.

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  2. Rachel McAlpine says:

    There’s a reason why housework oils the muse. And why a majority of the popular authors I have interviewed are dog owners (and thus dog walkers). I do like the way you have shaped this post and the rhythm too: strangely satisfying.

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