On Sunday afternoon Dad
stretched out on the living
room sofa to recover from
baby brother’s long night of
travail with an emerging tooth.

Beside him on the coffee table
was Dad’s state of the art smart
phone – locked: that mobile
computer of his skilled trades
man’s business, which also
took customers’ calls.

As he slept two little girls
saw that gem of the twenty
first century. Up to the minute
playground education had taught
the seven year old of its high
status and uses. The five year
old was her willing accomplice.

The seven year old drew the
five year old close, held up
the phone as they smiled
for the latest in selfies.

Now concerned at possible
repercussions they tried to
delete their selfies, in vain.
Dad woke up, very alert.

A word of advice to beginners
in using the latest technology:

to delete a smart phone’s photos
first unlock it, with its password.


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